Sem4r version 0.1.3 released

Released version 0.1.3 on gemcutter.
Probably this is the last version for 2010. I hope that that 2011 will be a better year: more releases!!

  • ruby 1.9.2-p0: all specs pass and also all examples are working again!
  • jruby 1.5.5: jruby sometime exits with jvm memory error.
  • two commands at sem executable are added:
    – jobs to manage the bulk jobs
    – repdef to manage the report definition entities
  • also the new ‘profile’ command is being introduced to manage profiles.
  • the passwords must not be stored into profile configuration file. They could be typed on terminal.
  • httpclient is used to overcome some errors with net::http standard library client
    during google adwords report download.

You can see the detailed changelog on github.

Sem4r version 0.1.2 released

Released version 0.1.2 on gemcutter.

Sem4r version 0.1.1 released

Released version 0.1.1 on gemcutter.

Sem4r library profiles

The sem4r configuration file contains credentials to connect AdWords through
the API.
The credentials are grouped into profiles.
So you can manage multiple AdWords accounts without having to reconfigure each time
the library.
The configuration file is located by default in $HOME/.sem4r/sem4r.yml.

To set up two profiles for two clients (client1, client2) and the sandbox,
sem4r.yml contains the following lines:

# file: sem4r.yml
  password:        secret
  environment:     production
  developer_token: 1234567890

  password:        big secret
  environment:     production
  developer_token: 0987654321

  password:        who care?

Sem is a command line interface for the sem4r library.
Sem run commands on an AdWords account.
A sem4r library profile can be selected using -p switch of sem executable.

The following command lists the reports for the profile “client1”:

$ sem -p client1 reports

The list of reports in the sandbox is always the same :-)

$ sem -p sandbox reports

11 'report [11]' Pending
22 'report [22]' InProgress
33 'report [33]' Completed
44 'report [44]' Failed
4 unit spent for 4 operations in 81ms

However the default profile is the sandbox so the above command can be written as:

$ sem reports

Sem4r version 0.0.8 released

Released version 0.0.8 on gemcutter.